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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are moving towards the threshold of a forthcoming spiritual changing point, an evolutionary stage of humanity, where energy and vibrations rise to a higher frequency.

This spiritual changing point is awakening. We are the Earth and together, unrestrained must move with vision to reconnection with the crucial day, where the Planet Earth will gradually be led towards deliverance from the shackles of darkness.

All of us who work for the Higher Good should accept the notion of Coalition and Union for leading the planet Earth to another direction which is that of Light. In this changing point, it is necessary to realize that we are upgraded through a collective activity, climbing the stairs of spiritual advancement by the Forces of Lights' assistance.

We actualize this advancement through a personal research, an inner path, where the Divine Spark resides.

It is our constant guide and it burns within us. This era compels for constant effort and vigilance, inner regeneration, removal of misgivings and fears and the establishment of an absolute faith, a virtually blind faith in something Higher.

When the veil of «Maya», the false reality, is lifted truth will shine.

Humanity will face up to her choices. Humans will see the events without blinders, though enough to believe.

People hold two weapons in their hearts: Faith and Hope.

Allow yourself to strengthen these values and participate actively in the path of the forthcoming spiritual evolution.

Be well !

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