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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The emerging, Enlightened Self

Compulsion was never my top , nor was the control.

I was born a free soul, still remain ,I guess!

The rust of  the iron foolishness never dripped  into my soul, nor that fraudulent glow of vanity,  that even the acid drop of malice, which many years ago, people dripped into my soul.

The martyrdom of acid drop of malice, which, instead of leading me to a  slow and heinous death provided me with me the strength to move on and evolve.

Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger ...*(1)

Never has been such a long list of would-be manipulators, abusers and violators of a human being , as the one  that appeared  unrepeatable   years ago ..

So many innumerable  and unrepentant people, victims of their own egocentric intelligence, sewed the dress of oppression and slander with derogatory tones.

What a shame though ....

So much wasted work and fatigue on the altar of arbitrariness, for only a few moments came to tear it myself!

The grid like the glass wall collapsed because no edifice building  with loose material has future.

The buildings of injustice have all an inevitable end ...

Light and Love annihilate whatever has no spiritual essence.

The curtain of greed is torn allowing the emerging, Enlightened  Self, prevail so bright and true!

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

*(1) Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche 

The above text is the translation from the original Greek text written on 27/10/2009
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