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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Away from normal activity aka internet activity (and beyond...)

Well,I admit I've been away from any sort of internet activity for over two weeks,but...nothing has to do with boredom or loss of interest in writing and internet.

I've been away from any sort of internet activity due to various events that took place  on the recent weeks .

First of all, we experienced an extended internet connection damage.

The modem was  damaged by the constant pauses of the electricity in our neighborhood .

And since me and my family live in Greece it is generally accepted that most companies that provide internet connections have a low rate of customer services.

That means the modem will be delivering not earlier than  15 working days.

Meanwhile, the whole family got sick because of an infectious flu that almost dis-organised  and affected us badly.

Personally I could not move or receive food for days and suffered from severe body aches,fever,dizziness  and stomachaches .

On Friday a destructive rain/tsunami affected Athens and many houses,shops and thousands of cars were destroyed even next to my house.

Fortunately, we avoided many deaths and injuries, but it was heart devastating to see  my neighbors cleansing their houses from mud that covered their floors and furniture.

I would like to express my gratitude to what I call "Divine Providence" that protected me ,my family and all Greek population from this destructive attack and more attacks as well.

Well,now that I am recovering from this health attacks and the tsunami attack as well,I decided to write a new article on HubPages as a recovery from anxiety and stress.

The article is about influenza and it is entitled "How to recover from an infectious flu".

On this article I post a few medications and remedies that might help someone recover from flu or at least feel relief from intense flu symptoms.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and support.

I will be back soon!

Love and Peace 

Visionary author-poetess

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