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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My news and the contribution to the CONTEMPORARY LITERARY HORIZON ANTHOLOGY - 2012/2013

First of all I would like to announce that my internet connection is fixed!

After a 15 days dramatically dis-connection with the internet (it looked like hell!), we finally have plenty time to post,upload,write and do all this stuff we use to do over the years.

Thinking how much empty our life could be without this cyber-window,I can not even imagine or regress to the old days people had to use a single phone to connect with or do all this post mailing .

Old primitive days or blessed days?

Who cares?

I am really happy that I can open my blog,write my thoughts and share them with you,because like all of you I have plenty of opportunities to communicate with millions of people out there.

Just with one click of the mouse and news is spread everywhere.

So simple.

I am also happy to announce you that today I got the CONTEMPORARY LITERARY HORIZON ANTHOLOGY (MAGAZINE) from Bucharest -Romania.

This anthology includes poems from my COSMIC LIGHT, spiritual poetry book in English and Romanian language  .

If you'd like to get a peek of my spiritual poetry book,simply go to my Author Central and the book's page on

Another way is to visit the COSMIC LIGHT page on XLIBRIS PUBLISHING

In addition,I  have written two articles on this spiritual poetry book on SQUIDOO.COM and HUBPAGES.COM.

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