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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Stardust of Dreams from Katerina Kostaki on Vimeo.

Stardust of dreams

An unaware of cosmic mysteries person might call it nonsense of just foolishness to recall experiences from an unknown territory such is “dreamland”.
Everybody could have more or less dream experiences during lifetime .Some of them are real mind estates in a non geographical map of our sub conscious.
I used to be a person where dreams worked out more properly and efficiently than real life did.
What is real life anyway?
Sometimes I feel that the only real life I have been experiencing up to date is my dream life.
It seems as if someone pushes a button and I am flowing in my truly beloved life path.
I am walking in stardust of dreams and I really enjoy it!
Sometimes dreams look like a soft lake of clean easy water that is a pure flow of energy.
Here and there special spiritual entities are invading this tranquility of mind, sharing a common life and dream facilities with me, as if we were neighbors in the same neighborhood!
They are so familiar and distant too to me, but essentially they are so benevolent and helpful that I admit to say, they are my dearest family.
A family from a cosmic area that is perfectly hidden from a limited 3D human perception…
Is it a plane of existence that dwells in subconscious waiting to reveal while we are sleeping or a cosmic connection with superior forces performed under a non comprehensive- to humans - way?
I think that humans are no longer isolated entities in this reality and we are just part of a loving Universe.
Floating in the stardust of dreams is exclusive evidence that Cosmic Power compels us to follow undefined pathways in blind faith in order to gain our stability and reinforcement along with patience according to a Divine Plan.

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