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Cosmic Light:Author Katerina Kostaki's Book Shares an Evolution Path to Light

               Cosmic Light, A Cosmic Poetry Book 
       by author Katerina Kostaki
Xlibris Publishing

Cosmic Light:Author Katerina Kostaki’s Book Shares an Evolutionary Path to Light

Author Katerina Kostaki’s Book Shares an Evolutionary Path to Light
“Cosmic Light” is a magnificent collection that will immerse the readers in a spiritual rhythm through profound stanzas and verses

ATHENS, Greece –  From spiritual author, poetess and video creator Katerina Kostaki comes Cosmic Light, a spiritual book of poetry, written and published primarily in Greek language in Athens,  Greece (October 2008) with the original title Συμπαντικό Φως. This book will immerse its readers in a spiritual rhythm through profound stanzas and verses.

The New Age Movement states that humans are enteringinto a new circle of Life and approach the Photon Belt that is the AlcyonianLight. This entrance to the Photon Belt has also been disclosed by scientists and reflects the new opening to Cosmic Consciousness, Global Changes and Transformation of Human Mindset. 

Cosmic Light is a hymn to unconditional love and compassion, a legend for Eros and soul mates, and a new perspective of our astral origin. Altogether, the verses in this amazing collection share an evolutionary path to light, which underlines humans will to reconnect with cosmic consciousness, a commitment with destiny and higher good according to a divine plan.

“Poetry is a vivid spiritual gate. However the magicalsense that a reader derives from the poetic travelogue could be described but only an intellectual, Divine River of Dreams, Light and Unconditional Love”,the author states.

In Cosmic Light, Kostaki has woven anequally interesting and enlightening collection that will shed light on astral-related matters—providing a better understanding and wisdom to the readers on how theycan unravel the path towards their ultimate purpose and destiny.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to  http://www.XlibrisPublishing.co.uk.

About the Author

Katerina Kostaki, born in 1966 in Athens, Greece,is a spiritual author, poetess and video creator. Her writings related to spirituality,self-advancement, mystery, and metaphysics have appeared in several Greek and International publications both in print and online. She is a Member of the Greek LiteraryUnion. She graduated from the Pedagogical Academy of Athens, Greece (1986) and was awarded as Mentor on October 2006. She studied the “Alchemy of Transformation” on the Classic Insights Organisation. She is also the author of afantasy adventure novel, “Life Journey That Carries Hopes ”/“Το Ταξίδι Της Ζωής Φέρνει Ελπίδες”, and the spiritual book of poetry  “Συμπαντικό Φως/Sympantiko Fos” , both written in Greek language and re-published on 2011. “Cosmic Light” is the English version of “SympantikoFos” published on December 2010 by Xlibris Publishing. She is a contributor to Contemporary Horizon Magazine (Bucharest, Romania) since2009 and The Eden Magazine (California,USA). She is the CEO of the Academy of Inner Light Network (official webpage:  www.academyofinnerlight.net ).

Cosmic Light * by KaterinaKostaki

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